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Attach Students as well as Employees To Bus
Handle Bus Fee – The Way You Want – Distance wise, Route wise, Stop wise or Fixed
Choose Months – When To Collect Bus Fee And When Not
Dynamic Route, Stop and Bus Handling – You may create any entity on your own
Attach Stops To Routes and Buses To Stops On Your Own
Bus Has Capacity – Won't Let You Attach Student/Employee Once It Goes Beyond Defined Limit
Any Charge Is Defined With ' Effective From [Date] ' Tag
In Case of Any Breakdown of A Bus – You May Send SMS To Parents of The Wards Currently Present In Bus
Facility To Change Bus
Bus Repairing/Maintenance Module
Relate Any Expense Incurred Into Accounts With Particular/All Bus(es)
Bus Feedback Form
Reminder For Insurance, Pollution, Permit etc. Dates
Numerous Reports Available